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Revision:, Wed Nov 18 16:38:43 1998 UTC (16 years, 10 months ago) by hohndel
Branch: xf-3_3-branch, xf-3_2A-branch
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source obfuscation as forced by NVIDIA

XFree86 3.3.2 X Server for NVIDIA NV1, RIVA 128/ZX (NV3), RIVA TNT(NV4)

This is simply the X server compiled only for NV acceleration (to reduce 
binary image size) with the XFree86 version 3.3.2 distribution for Linux 
w/glibc.  The server is Dave McKay's code with fixes for the video noise 
along with support for the TNT.  If you aren't running the latest version 
of XFree86, get that installed first using the XF86_SVGA server.  I've 
been building and running this on RedHat 5.1, kernel version 2.0.34.  I 
want to first get some feedback before releasing the source to make sure I 
really did fix the video noise problems.  I've tried it up to 
1280x1024x32, but I'm sure others push harder or use higher refresh rates.  
128ZX users especially try the higher resolutions.  The SDRAM 128ZX parts 
are more susceptible to the video noise.  I've tested this server using 
both RIVA 128/ZX and TNT on my PPro 200 PCI and K6-2 AGP systems.  (The 
K6-2 system really rocks on Linux - whats the corollary to Wintel?  
LinAMD?).  If you still use an NV1, I'd like to hear from you - you must 
be a real trooper.  



The video clock was indeed being programmed wrong.  Thanks to everyone who 
pointed this out.  If you had to make changes to your XF86Config file to 
get the display correct, you may have to undo it.  Sorry.  

Many people mentioned text was slow and the display update was a little 
erratic.  I was trying to be clever and yield the CPU when the graphics 
engine was busy, but it really didn't work well.  I've gone back to being 
a CPU hog.  It probably doesn't slow apps down too much, and it keeps the 
display responsive.  

	Dave Schmenk


After we already finalized XFree86-3.3.3 NVIDIA forced The XFree86 Project
to replace the sources we had with sources that were partly run through the
C preprocessor in order to remove some of the names that NVIDIA thought
might give away IP from NVIDIA. This resulted in unreadable and unmaintainable

The XFree86 Project is strongly opposed to such obfuscated code. We do not
regard this as free software according to our standards. Due to the extremely
late date of this decision from NVIDIA we decided to include the code as
offered by NVIDIA. We are considering to remove support for the later NVIDIA
chips in a future release, though.

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