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Revision 3.7 / (view) - annotate - [select for diffs] , Mon Jan 9 14:59:36 2006 UTC (9 years, 9 months ago) by dawes
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: xf-4_8_0-bindist, xf-4_8_0, xf-4_8-branch, xf-4_7_99_9, xf-4_7_99_8, xf-4_7_99_7, xf-4_7_99_6, xf-4_7_99_5, xf-4_7_99_4, xf-4_7_99_31, xf-4_7_99_30, xf-4_7_99_3, xf-4_7_99_29, xf-4_7_99_28, xf-4_7_99_27, xf-4_7_99_26, xf-4_7_99_25, xf-4_7_99_24, xf-4_7_99_23, xf-4_7_99_22, xf-4_7_99_21, xf-4_7_99_20, xf-4_7_99_2, xf-4_7_99_19, xf-4_7_99_18, xf-4_7_99_17, xf-4_7_99_16, xf-4_7_99_15, xf-4_7_99_14, xf-4_7_99_13, xf-4_7_99_12, xf-4_7_99_11, xf-4_7_99_10, xf-4_7_99_1, xf-4_7_0, xf-4_7-branch, xf-4_6_99_9, xf-4_6_99_8, xf-4_6_99_7, xf-4_6_99_6, xf-4_6_99_5, xf-4_6_99_4, xf-4_6_99_3, xf-4_6_99_29, xf-4_6_99_28, xf-4_6_99_27, xf-4_6_99_26, xf-4_6_99_25, xf-4_6_99_24, xf-4_6_99_23, xf-4_6_99_22, xf-4_6_99_21, xf-4_6_99_20, xf-4_6_99_2, xf-4_6_99_19, xf-4_6_99_18, xf-4_6_99_17, xf-4_6_99_16, xf-4_6_99_15, xf-4_6_99_14, xf-4_6_99_13, xf-4_6_99_12, xf-4_6_99_11, xf-4_6_99_10, xf-4_6_99_1, xf-4_6_0, xf-4_6-branch, xf-4_5_99_904, xf-4_5_99_903, xf-4_5_99_902, xf-4_5_99_901, xf-4_5_99_22, xf-4_5_99_21, xf-4_5_99_20, HEAD
Changes since 3.6: +1 -2 lines
Diff to previous 3.6
Remove most foreign cvs keywords.

Revision 3.6 / (view) - annotate - [select for diffs] , Mon Nov 17 22:20:23 2003 UTC (11 years, 10 months ago) by dawes
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: xf-4_5_99_9, xf-4_5_99_8, xf-4_5_99_7, xf-4_5_99_6, xf-4_5_99_5, xf-4_5_99_4, xf-4_5_99_3, xf-4_5_99_2, xf-4_5_99_19, xf-4_5_99_18, xf-4_5_99_17, xf-4_5_99_16, xf-4_5_99_15, xf-4_5_99_14, xf-4_5_99_13, xf-4_5_99_12, xf-4_5_99_11, xf-4_5_99_10, xf-4_5_99_1, xf-4_5_0, xf-4_5-branch, xf-4_4_99_903, xf-4_4_99_902, xf-4_4_99_901, xf-4_4_99_9, xf-4_4_99_8, xf-4_4_99_7, xf-4_4_99_6, xf-4_4_99_5, xf-4_4_99_4, xf-4_4_99_3, xf-4_4_99_22, xf-4_4_99_21, xf-4_4_99_20, xf-4_4_99_2, xf-4_4_99_19, xf-4_4_99_18, xf-4_4_99_17, xf-4_4_99_16, xf-4_4_99_15, xf-4_4_99_14, xf-4_4_99_13, xf-4_4_99_12, xf-4_4_99_11, xf-4_4_99_10, xf-4_4_99_1, xf-4_4_0, xf-4_4-branch, xf-4_3_99_903, xf-4_3_99_902, xf-4_3_99_901, xf-4_3_99_16
Changes since 3.5: +1 -29 lines
Diff to previous 3.5
Remove most occurrences of NeedFunctionPrototypes, NeedVarargsPrototypes,
NeedNestedPrototypes.  NeedWidePrototypes remains.

Revision 3.5 / (view) - annotate - [select for diffs] , Tue Nov 26 01:43:25 2002 UTC (12 years, 10 months ago) by dawes
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: xf-4_3_99_9, xf-4_3_99_8, xf-4_3_99_7, xf-4_3_99_6, xf-4_3_99_5, xf-4_3_99_4, xf-4_3_99_3, xf-4_3_99_2, xf-4_3_99_15, xf-4_3_99_14, xf-4_3_99_13, xf-4_3_99_12, xf-4_3_99_11, xf-4_3_99_10, xf-4_3_99_1, xf-4_3_0_2, xf-4_3_0_1, xf-4_3_0, xf-4_3-branch, xf-4_2_99_902, xf-4_2_99_901, xf-4_2_99_4, xf-4_2_99_3
Changes since 3.4: +12 -1 lines
Diff to previous 3.4
 542. Add missing "dvorak" single-group XKB layout (#5490, Ivan Pascal).
 541. Change the xkbfile library to allow some names to be grouped into
      a named list, which allows the rules file to be simplified (#5490,
      Ivan Pascal).
 540. Make the new single-group XKB symbols maps used by default (#5490,
      Ivan Pascal).

Revision 3.4 / (view) - annotate - [select for diffs] , Mon Jul 1 01:25:53 2002 UTC (13 years, 3 months ago) by tsi
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: xf-4_2_99_2
Changes since 3.3: +1 -0 lines
Diff to previous 3.3
Ident lines

Revision 3.3 / (view) - annotate - [select for diffs] , Tue Jun 4 23:00:33 2002 UTC (13 years, 4 months ago) by dawes
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: xf-4_2_99_1
Changes since 3.2: +6 -53 lines
Diff to previous 3.2
 181. Add support to xkbcomp and libxkbfile for composing multi-layout
      keyboard maps from partial "single layout" files.  This allows
      the XkbLayout to be specified as a comma-separated list of single
      layout names.  Note: new "single layout" symbol maps aren't available
      yet. (#5210, Ivan Pascal).

Revision 3.2 / (view) - annotate - [select for diffs] , Wed Jan 17 19:43:40 2001 UTC (14 years, 8 months ago) by dawes
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: xf-4_2_1_2, xf-4_2_1_1, xf-4_2_1, xf-4_2_0_1, xf-4_2_0-bindist-1, xf-4_2_0-bindist, xf-4_2_0, xf-4_2-branch, xf-4_1_99_7, xf-4_1_99_6, xf-4_1_99_5, xf-4_1_99_4, xf-4_1_99_3, xf-4_1_99_2, xf-4_1_99_1, xf-4_1_0_2, xf-4_1_0_1, xf-4_1_0-bindist, xf-4_1_0, xf-4_1-branch, xf-4_0_99_902, xf-4_0_99_901, xf-4_0_99_900, xf-4_0_99_3, xf-4_0_99_2, xf-4_0_99_1, Domain-branch
Changes since 3.1: +1 -1 lines
Diff to previous 3.1
R6.5.1 merge for xc/lib

Revision / (view) - annotate - [select for diffs] (vendor branch) , Tue Jan 16 22:27:36 2001 UTC (14 years, 8 months ago) by dawes
Branch: X11R6
CVS Tags: X11R6-5-1
Changes since +1 -1 lines
Diff to previous

Revision 3.1 / (view) - annotate - [select for diffs] , Fri Dec 27 06:50:57 1996 UTC (18 years, 9 months ago) by dawes
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: xf-4_0g, xf-4_0f, xf-4_0e, xf-4_0d, xf-4_0c, xf-4_0b, xf-4_0a, xf-4_0_3b, xf-4_0_3a, xf-4_0_3, xf-4_0_2c, xf-4_0_2b, xf-4_0_2a, xf-4_0_2-branch, xf-4_0_2-bindist, xf-4_0_2, xf-4_0_1h, xf-4_0_1g, xf-4_0_1f, xf-4_0_1e, xf-4_0_1d, xf-4_0_1c, xf-4_0_1b, xf-4_0_1a, xf-4_0_1Zc, xf-4_0_1Zb, xf-4_0_1Za, xf-4_0_1Z, xf-4_0_1-bindist, xf-4_0_1, xf-4_0Z, xf-4_0-bindist, xf-4_0, xf-3_9z, xf-3_9y, xf-3_9x, xf-3_9w, xf-3_9v, xf-3_9u, xf-3_9t, xf-3_9s, xf-3_9r, xf-3_9q, xf-3_9p, xf-3_9o, xf-3_9n, xf-3_9m, xf-3_9l, xf-3_9k, xf-3_9jw, xf-3_9jv, xf-3_9ju, xf-3_9jt, xf-3_9js, xf-3_9jr, xf-3_9jq, xf-3_9jp, xf-3_9jo, xf-3_9jn, xf-3_9jm, xf-3_9jl, xf-3_9jk, xf-3_9jj, xf-3_9ji, xf-3_9jh, xf-3_9jg, xf-3_9jf, xf-3_9je, xf-3_9jd, xf-3_9jc, xf-3_9jb, xf-3_9ja, xf-3_9j-branch, xf-3_9j, xf-3_9i, xf-3_9h, xf-3_9g, xf-3_9f, xf-3_9e, xf-3_9d, xf-3_9c, xf-3_9b, xf-3_9a, xf-3_9_18b, xf-3_9_18a, xf-3_9_18Za, xf-3_9_18Z, xf-3_9_18, xf-3_9_17f, xf-3_9_17e, xf-3_9_17d, xf-3_9_17c, xf-3_9_17b, xf-3_9_17a, xf-3_9_17Z, xf-3_9_17, xf-3_9_16f, xf-3_9_16e, xf-3_9_16d, xf-3_9_16c, xf-3_9_16b, xf-3_9_16a, xf-3_9_16Za, xf-3_9_16Z, xf-3_9_16, xf-3_9_15d, xf-3_9_15c, xf-3_9_15b, xf-3_9_15a, xf-3_9_15, xf-3_9Py, xf-3_9Px, xf-3_9Pw, xf-3_9Pv, xf-3_9Pu, xf-3_9Pt, xf-3_9Ps, xf-3_9Pr, xf-3_9Pq, xf-3_9Pp, xf-3_9Po, xf-3_9Pn, xf-3_9Pm, xf-3_9Pl, xf-3_9Pk, xf-3_9Pj, xf-3_9Pi, xf-3_9Phb, xf-3_9Pha, xf-3_9Ph-branch, xf-3_9Ph, xf-3_9Pg, xf-3_9Pf, xf-3_9Pe, xf-3_9Pd, xf-3_9Pc, xf-3_9Pb, xf-3_9Pa, xf-3_9P, xf-3_9Nz, xf-3_9Ny, xf-3_9Nx, xf-3_9Nw, xf-3_9Nva, xf-3_9Nv-branch, xf-3_9Nv, xf-3_9Nu, xf-3_9Nt, xf-3_9Ns, xf-3_9Nr, xf-3_9Nq, xf-3_9Np, xf-3_9No, xf-3_9Nn, xf-3_9Nm, xf-3_9Nl, xf-3_9Nk, xf-3_9Nj, xf-3_9Ni, xf-3_9Nh, xf-3_9Ng, xf-3_9Nf, xf-3_9Ne, xf-3_9Nd, xf-3_9Nc, xf-3_9Nb, xf-3_9Na, xf-3_9N, xf-3_9Ak, xf-3_9Aj, xf-3_9Ai, xf-3_9Ah, xf-3_9Ag, xf-3_9Af, xf-3_9Ae, xf-3_9Ad, xf-3_9Ac, xf-3_9Ab, xf-3_9Aa, xf-3_3g, xf-3_3f, xf-3_3e, xf-3_3d, xf-3_3c, xf-3_3b, xf-3_3a, xf-3_3_6b, xf-3_3_6a, xf-3_3_6, xf-3_3_5c, xf-3_3_5b, xf-3_3_5a, xf-3_3_5Za, xf-3_3_5Z, xf-3_3_5, xf-3_3_4d, xf-3_3_4c, xf-3_3_4b, xf-3_3_4a, xf-3_3_4Z, xf-3_3_4, xf-3_3_3b, xf-3_3_3a, xf-3_3_3_1f, xf-3_3_3_1e, xf-3_3_3_1d, xf-3_3_3_1c, xf-3_3_3_1b, xf-3_3_3_1a, xf-3_3_3_1Z, xf-3_3_3_1, xf-3_3_3Z, xf-3_3_3, xf-3_3_2j, xf-3_3_2i, xf-3_3_2h, xf-3_3_2g, xf-3_3_2f, xf-3_3_2e, xf-3_3_2d, xf-3_3_2c, xf-3_3_2b, xf-3_3_2a, xf-3_3_2_4, xf-3_3_2_3, xf-3_3_2_2, xf-3_3_2_1, xf-3_3_2Zc, xf-3_3_2Zb, xf-3_3_2Za, xf-3_3_2Z, xf-3_3_2, xf-3_3_1z, xf-3_3_1g, xf-3_3_1f, xf-3_3_1e, xf-3_3_1d, xf-3_3_1c, xf-3_3_1b, xf-3_3_1a, xf-3_3_1, xf-3_3-branch, xf-3_3, xf-3_2y, xf-3_2x, xf-3_2w, xf-3_2v, xf-3_2u, xf-3_2t, xf-3_2s, xf-3_2r, xf-3_2q, xf-3_2p, xf-3_2o, xf-3_2n, xf-3_2m, xf-3_2l, xf-3_2k, xf-3_2Zc, xf-3_2Zb, xf-3_2Za, xf-3_2Z, xf-3_2Xn, xf-3_2Xm, xf-3_2Xl, xf-3_2Xk, xf-3_2Xj, xf-3_2Xi, xf-3_2Xh, xf-3_2Xg, xf-3_2Xf, xf-3_2Xe, xf-3_2Xd, xf-3_2Xc, xf-3_2Xb, xf-3_2Xa, xf-3_2At, xf-3_2As, xf-3_2Ar, xf-3_2Aq, xf-3_2Ap, xf-3_2Ao, xf-3_2An, xf-3_2Am, xf-3_2Al, xf-3_2Ak, xf-3_2Aj, xf-3_2Ai, xf-3_2Ah, xf-3_2Ag, xf-3_2Af, xf-3_2Ae, xf-3_2Ad, xf-3_2Ac, xf-3_2Ab, xf-3_2Aa, xf-3_2A-branch, xf-3_2A, xf-39ja, xf-3331_shark, pre-R651-import
Changes since 3.0: +1 -1 lines
Diff to previous 3.0
R6.3 updates

Revision / (view) - annotate - [select for diffs] (vendor branch) , Sun Dec 22 03:29:23 1996 UTC (18 years, 9 months ago) by dawes
Branch: X11R6
CVS Tags: seq-4321, seq-4316, seq-4304, seq-4282, X11R6-4_3, X11R6-4_2, X11R6-4_1, X11R6-4_0, X11R6-3_2, X11R6-3_1, X11R6-3_0
Changes since 1.1: +1 -1 lines
Diff to previous 1.1
X11R6 pre-R6.3 seq-4282

Revision 1.1 / (view) - annotate - [select for diffs] , Sun Dec 22 03:04:32 1996 UTC (18 years, 9 months ago) by dawes
Initial revision

Revision 3.0 / (view) - annotate - [select for diffs] , Tue Aug 13 10:26:24 1996 UTC (19 years, 2 months ago) by dawes
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: xf-3_2j, xf-3_2i, xf-3_2h, xf-3_2g, xf-3_2f, xf-3_2e, xf-3_2d, xf-3_2c, xf-3_2b, xf-3_2a, xf-3_2-p2, xf-3_2-p1, xf-3_2-branch, xf-3_2, xf-3_1_2Zd, xf-3_1_2Zc, xf-3_1_2Zb, xf-3_1_2Za, xf-3_1_2Z, xf-3_1_2Gq, xf-3_1_2Gp, xf-3_1_2Go, xf-3_1_2Gn, xf-3_1_2Gm, xf-3_1_2Gl, xf-3_1_2Gk, xf-3_1_2Gj, xf-3_1_2Gi, xf-3_1_2Gh, xf-3_1_2Gg, xf-3_1_2Gf, xf-3_1_2Ge, xf-3_1_2Gd, xf-3_1_2Gc, xf-3_1_2Gb, xf-3_1_2Ga, xf-3_1_2G, xf-3_1_2Fc, xf-3_1_2Fb, xf-3_1_2Fa, xf-3_1_2F, xf-3_1_2Eo, xf-3_1_2En, xf-3_1_2Em, xf-3_1_2El, xf-3_1_2Ek, xf-3_1_2Ej, xf-3_1_2Ei, xf-3_1_2Eh, xf-3_1_2Eg, xf-3_1_2Ef

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